giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


Simona Venus  & Marco Rich italian born kids of the fabulous generation of the magic of the 80s. We lived out our childhoods in a full-immersion of colors, music, watching TV shows that was our source of  communication the world outside of our own lives, and other kinds of cultures, after radio & magazines. We are a part of the last generation from the 20th century with a healthy mind.
 We are still bound by traditionalism. We can be in the new era and still hold on to the things that made us who we are from the past. Our thoughts and concepts of moralism have stuck with us. We are ready to welcome the world and all of its news into our current lives. We grew up with VOGUE in our veins, when it was the MAGAZINE! You may be dreaming on it. With its infinite editorials that exuded an elite luxury art and fashion world, where photographers create true art concepts and have time to just promote their brands, where regular ads were just three pages and any page related to fashion went on for days past a hundred pages. We're talking about a time when magazines didn't tell you what you need to buy, they just take you to another world without asking because, they know what you like before you know that you'll like and gain pleasure from it.We work in tune with communications and marketing of fashion with a 360 effect from public relations, events planning, social media marketing, blogging, and photography.

We have become very strong through studying & experiencing the field of fashion, developing parallel to our own independent personalities which have allowed us to pack up and go around the world to experience what we are, who we are, and what we can do. Now, we are here to talk with you about the certainty of today compared to three years ago. Things have changed for the better. Our mood? All of the influences outlined before, combined with our travel and our life experiences have unconsciously affected our personalities. We discovered out lifestyle and looks are an absolute mix between the wasted, lots of colors, culture, and an L.A. industry party with a touch of urban and chic - typical NYC, along with classic British elegance of the end of 1900s. Our soundtrack may start with the colored notes of pop culture, continuing with energy from hip hop music, and the effervescent liveliness of punk to conclude with the power of rock.

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