mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015

Benoit Foucher FALL-WINTER 2015-16

This is a Benoit Foucher, FALL-WINTER 2015-16, hats collection, each piece is shaped on a wooden hat mold, by hand, in the respect of the high-end french hatmaking tradition.
Made in France, in limited edition, each hat has a serial number. 
His inspirations are:
« Without a sound, in the darkness of our crinkled desirs, you flow your felin figure, feet naked, high heels at your hand. » End of summer, in the middle of the night, she was gone. Henceforth and till spring, they live in this flat without ever crossing eachother. Carefully, he notched the moleskin, the cashmere and the velvet felts, cutting them coldly, in sucha way that their noble shape was changed. Black angelic hats, for her and him, asexual. « When the evening awakes, the sheets remind me the perfum of your skin and cristallise in intoxicating grave of love. » 

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