martedì 21 luglio 2015


Miami, July 13, 2015 Italia Independent opens in Miami the second American boutique,

(After the flagship store opening in New York,  in November.) in this way  will grow the brand's presence also in the USA 
The store is located in Wynwood Block, the newest mall in the heart of the district that emerged in recent years as one of the coolest areas of the city.

The boutique design has been cured, as the previous achievements of I-I, from Changedesign, the factory headed by Renato Montagner. 
The items of furniture offer a true multi-sensory experience that can convey the essence of the Brand. One of the original features that distinguish the store in Miami is the extensive use of exposed concrete, material clearly derived from industrial, in keeping with the location, finely blended with the basic design and technology of all boutique Italia Independent.

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