lunedì 27 luglio 2015

Octavio Pizarro Fall Winter 2015-2016 collection

 The Octavio Pizarro Fall Winter 2015-2016 collection is a tribute to the woman who inspires all his creations, a passionate woman with a strong personality, daring and elegant, sexy and self confident with a contemporary spirit.

This new collection offers a complete wardrobe that brings together Sport chic looks and sophisticated couture dresses.
The common thread is the black colour that fascinates Octavio Pizarro and became his signature.
For this season, he has explored a vast palette of black shades.
He also combines innovative embroideries made of Plexiglas to original materials and fabrics in order to create geometrics patchworks.
He mixes contradictions: mesh with leather, technical materials such as neoprene with refine fabrics like silk satin.
Obviously, mesh that has always been at the centre of Octavio Pizarro researches is very present.
A touch of green completes the collection.
This green colour is a symbol of freedom, balance and refinement.

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  1. Really great style and collection :)