mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

Yanina Couture Fall/Winter 2015-2016

 The sources of inspiration for the Yanina Couture Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection are immediately visible.

Yulia Yanina reveals traditional Russian folk art, the magic of the Russian national costumes, and the irreproachable  mood of elegant silhouettes of the Haute Couture from the 1950’s.
 The dresses this season range from tiny lacy minis, as if crocheted by caring grandmother’s hands, to breathtaking long evening gowns made of silk taffeta, voile and velvet, each one of them is like a work of art.
 This season’s Yanina Couture collection is an invitation to a mysterious land of the Haute Couture with fantasies and fairy-tales, favourites in Russia folklore. One where marvelous flowers, embroidered by experienced couturières, blossom on  minimal business suits.
Fabulous lucky trees, where Phoenix birds fly and elegant swans spread their exquisite wings. Sprightly bullfinches with their colorful feathers twinkle with embroidered crystals and gemstones, bringing  the sensation of youth and naughtiness on each dress they settle, completely breaking age limits.
In this fairy-tale beautiful angels are embroidered on the women’s dresses, calling its mistress and those around her for the joy of life. The crystal branches of magical trees, embroidered on the bride’s dress like snow flakes is reminiscent of intricate frost on the window panes of th Snow Queen’s castle. And heavenly birds, nestling on the branches, sing the songs of bliss and love!
 This state of happiness and confidence, refinement and complete serenity is the main message of the collection, a call for joy and pleasure.

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