mercoledì 2 marzo 2016


Fashion is a famous artform, and the Biagiotti's Winter, is a drafting of a new aesthetic identity: Confucian wisdom and contemporary language for dresses decorated with the stylization of auspicious characters. 

The ideogram of collection is a meeting between cultures that determines new and vibrant combinations of shapes and materials, manufacturing and details. Among the silk route and that of cashmere.
For the "Silk Route" theme, Laura Biagiotti evokes a voyage through signs and symbols, for these clothes that give comfort and happiness.
Among the motifs, longevity, imperial dragons, white tigers, lotus holes, fantastic butterflies, shoots of prosperity and characters legendary.
The Voyage of cashmere, starts from China, and Laura, defined by the New York Times the Queen of the precious flato, turns it in unique visions, emphasizing volumes, treating the yarn with embossed inserts, mixing compositions
iridescent and even enriching it with gashes who discover the skin. From raw material with male heritage, cashmere becomes the star of the female wardrobe that is in the tricot the character of a new elegance,
contemporary and seductive.

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